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Our Custom Elite Package

At Custom Homes, we like to believe our products speak for themselves. Our promise to you is that you won't find better structural features and options than you'll find here with us.

What kind of wood is under all that flash you are seeing in the manufactured home you are considering purchasing? Check out the pictures!

Don't buy a poorly constructed house just because of its looks. You can have top quality construction and all the flash at Custom Homes of Cordele & Dublin.

In fact, typically any manufactured floor plan you find, we can have built with our durable construction!

The following pictures of options from the Custom Elite Package is standard for many of our homes. If interested, just ask us about it!

The Custom Elite Plus Package

Our upgraded ductwork is shown on the left, while typical ductwork is shown on the right. Noticeable difference, right!?

Custom Elite Package

Check out Custom Elite versus competitors! There is absolutely NO comparison!

Custom Elite Package Picture

Check out these 5 stacked 2x8's as the header joining the 3rd section and a 2x6 + 2×4 joined marriage wall. That's not even mentioning the sheets of OSB layered in for stability.

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